Trend Guide – Fall/Winter 2014

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We’ll guide you through some of the best trends of Fall/Winter 2014. Suits, menswear inspired outfits, white sneakers, pastel colors are some examples of what we’ll see in the streets. So, we picked brilliant Tommy Ton‘s pictures from the latest fashion weeks and created 9 topics on how to wear those trends. Easy to follow, hope you like.



The combination of light and heavy items has taken over the fashion world. Chiffon, silk, crepe and very light dresses from Summer don’t have to leave your wardrobe this Winter. Now you can combine them with tights, oversized coat and heavy shoes, laced or ankle boots. This trend works the other way around as well, try on a bold top with super feminine shoes, like the left girl on the photo with a masculine coat and amazing pumps.  


trend-guide-fall-winter-2014-2An iconic piece of folk style, the poncho was a key garment on many fashion shows like Burberry, Etro, Roberto Cavali among others. Particularly useful for layering your look without bulk, yet powerful enough to do double-duty and keep you warm, this of-the-moment outerwear is all about easy and effortless dressing.  



This fashion trend brings an air from the east to our wardrobe. Think of old russian richness; lots of embroidered, gold and amber. Folk and tradition in a high end version. Go for a czarina’s opulence with fur, embellishment, and rich materials. It’s a step forward to hippie chic style, the new bohemian comes from Mongolia, Kazakhstan, China.



These soft shades from Spring invade the Fall wardrobe. Powder pink, ice blue, mint green are just a few of the cotton candy colors to embrace now. You can wear it as a bright contrast in an entire black outfit or you can wear it as block colors like the looks on Gucci Fall 2014 runway show. Keep it sweet in shades that could cause a cavity.


trend-guide-fall-winter-2014-6Clean the white sneakers that you bought in Summer, because they are walking you to the Fall. The trend is present in all street style pictures from fashion weeks. And as this season is all about contrasts, nothing bits a sartorial pants or a tailored suit with white sneakers. Like in Summer, you also can wear your sneakers with skirts, just add a nice tight.



As street style begins to influence even luxury fashion houses, the runways are starting to show more athletic and wearable looks. But as we said, this Fall trends are all about contrasts, so labels are interpreting this trend with sequins, tweed, fur and even PVC. The trick is if the top is too sporty goes for high heels, and if the bottom is in sneakers, style the top with fur, sequin or whatever luxury and shinny.


trend-guide-fall-winter-2014-8 For this trend you need to have a loud and proud attitude. Rich Ghetto is about fun, making a statement and irreverence. It’s to be soaking in pop culture. The inspiration comes from many places like Harajuku in Japan to underground New York. Have you heard about GHE20G0TH1K ?  Ghetto Gothic is an underground party, held in a raw New York club space every few weeks. Quickly, it has become one of the city’s coolest fêtes, playing home to a scene of new-wave tastemakers looking for an evening of uninhibited fun. Actually more than a party, now is a movement and its creator is DJ Venus X.  If you identify yourself with this trend, read more about GHE20G0TH1K  here.


trend-guide-fall-winter-2014-9Once considered a widely accepted fashion faux pas, an unfortunate blunder that befell the stylishly challenged, socks and sandals worn together is a thing now, perfect harmony —a trend that designers and  fashionistas are embracing with carefree abandon. The proof lies on the runway. Layering sandals with socks is the perfect way to transition seasons but not any old sock or sandal will work. Team dark tights with a wonderful caramel sandals or stick with the same color family. Stylist Laura Solin-Valdina, who has advised clients on style for 19 years, weighed in that the look can work for women in their 20s and early 30s, but perhaps not on someone older. Sorry…



Good news are that you don’t need put your bra on fire to follow this Fall trend. Women Power is not about to show the world that women are like men,…oh no. Women Power is a feminine power, a very self-confident women who like suits and walk  around in boyfriend-borrowed ensembles. Very sexy choice. 

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